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What is Visual Midline Shift Syndrome?

The midline shift syndrome results in a patient experiencing a constant sense of disequilibrium, difficulty with maintenance of balance, an inappropriate posture and weight distribution on the balls of the feet, and inappropriate gait, combined with a directional drift. Such patients also often express that they perceive their world in a strange way, in that the horizon may be tilted, walls may be tilted or compressing in upon them. This unusual phenomenon often occurs following a neurological event such as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

The symptoms of midline shift syndrome are effectively addressed in most cases with a concept referred to as yoked prism reorientation. It must not be concluded that this is a cure for this problem. It is an immediate amelioration of the symptoms in most cases that are correctly diagnosed as midline shift damage. This requires a differential diagnosis eliminating damage to the vestibular mechanism. The most common imbalance experience following head injury is oculo motor decompensation and binocular visual-motor-perceptual imbalance decompensation resulting in midline shift syndrome. This case is symptomatically treated with yoked prism reorientation therapy.

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