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Work Injuries Caused by Someone Who is Not a Co-Employee

If you are injured at work, you are automatically entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, no questions asked. However, if you were injured by someone who doesn’t work for the same employer as you, you can file a normal personal injury lawsuit against that person. Any settlement you recover will be in addition to your normal workers’ compensation benefits.

This is called a “third party liability claim.” If you were injured on the job and you believe you can make a third party liability claim, you should speak with a lawyer experienced at handling cases like yours. This area of law can be very complex.

Very few lawyers are able to simultaneously handle both your personal injury claim and your workers’ compensation claim. Attorney John W Trueax of Kiel & Trueax, LLC has over 25 years of experience in this complex, niche area of law. For a free initial consultation, call 720-256-2438 or contact our offices online today.

Different Types of Third Party Liability

Third party liability / workers’ compensation claims tend to be caused in one of three scenarios (naturally, exceptions abound):

  • Car Accidents: If you are driving for your job and are involved in an accident caused by a motorist who you don’t work with, you are free to file both types of claim.

Why Two Heads Are Not Better than One

Often, people who have both a workers’ compensation claim and a third party liability claim will hire two separate lawyers: one to handle each claim. There are many disadvantages to working this way. The most significant disadvantage is this: if your two lawyers aren’t communicating and coordinating effectively (and they often don’t), they could easily undermine each other’s work, resulting in a significantly diminished overall settlement.

In addition, you have the hassle of dealing with two different lawyers and potentially two different law firms. Whenever possible, it’s best to find one lawyer to handle both claims.

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