Colorado Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

Insurance policies are designed to protect us when we need protection the most. If your insurance carrier has denied a personal injury, uninsured motorist or property damage claim for no apparent reason, you may wish to file a bad faith lawsuit.

Contact our office to arrange for a free consultation with an experienced Insurance Bad Faith Attorney about your claim. If you win a lawsuit for insurance bad faith you may be entitled to damages in addition to the benefits promised in your policy.

The lawyers at Kiel & Trueax, LLC represent clients in regard to bad faith insurance practices, including:

  • Cancelled coverage
  • Late payment on claim
  • Denied coverage on a paid policy
  • Insurance agent malpractice
  • Change in policy terms without notification
  • Proving Your Case

When a denied insurance claim is in violation of a policy’s terms or the scope of coverage, we research case law, consult insurance experts, and review recommendations on the part of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners regarding issues involved in your case.

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