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Serious back and neck injuries can make it impossible to live the life you lived before your accident. They may disrupt your work, your hobbies, your ability to get around and so much more.

At Kiel & Trueax, LLC, our attorneys work hard to understand what you are going through so that we can effectively present your situation around the negotiation table or to a judge or jury. We also spend hours studying the medical science behind your injury so that we are able to cross examine the insurance company’s medical doctors should your personal injury case go to trial.

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Our personal injury lawyers are ready to help you. John Trueax has more than 25 years of experience providing aggressive personal injury representation. Joseph Kiel is a former Federal Prosecutor who has tried dozens of cases in front of juries. Together, Kiel and Trueax are well respected in both the legal and medical communities in Colorado.

On-the-Job Accidents Causing Back Injuries

Our attorneys have represented many clients who were injured while working, including clients with neck and back injuries caused by lifting heavy objects or loads. Our clients include truck drivers, construction workers, carpenters, apartment managers, plumbers, HVAC technicians, nursing home workers and many others.

Types of Back and Neck Injuries

We represent clients with all varieties of neck and lower back injuries, including:

Individuals with serious back or neck injuries may need disc surgery, fusion surgery, cervical, thoracic or lumbar laminectomy surgery, spinal fusion surgery or other serious and costly procedures to begin restoring their health. They may need to visit chiropractors, physical therapists and other medical professionals. At our law firm, we are dedicated to helping clients recover financial compensation for their injuries and the medical care they require.

Understanding Facet Injuries

Often, people who experience back or neck pain after a car accident or other accident have facet joint injuries. Facet joint injuries are injuries to the joints of the vertebrae, and they are often diagnosed long after the accident. The doctors who treat facet injuries are interventional medicine doctors who inject a patient’s facets with medications.

If your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence or occurred on-the-job, talk to our Denver personal injury lawyers today. You may have underlying injuries – such as facet joint injuries – that can make a difference in your personal injury case.

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