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Kiel & Trueax was founded in 1991 by attorneys Joseph Kiel and John W. Trueax. Each of the firms’ attorneys are highly experienced trial lawyers. They each share the philosophy that lawyers should work hard to achieve the best results possible for every client, and they each believe that lawyers should be available to answer clients’ questions whenever they arise.

Our office is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado and we represent clients throughout the Denver area and surrounding suburbs and counties. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, call us today at  720-256-2438 or contact our offices online.

Although we handle all types of injuries covering a full range of size and complexity, we frequently receive referrals from other Denver injury lawyers to handle serious, complicated claims. This includes:

A “Low Volume” Law Firm

We choose to handle proportionally fewer cases than most of our competitors. This makes us a “low volume” firm. By handling fewer cases, we have more time to research the science underlying each client’s injury. We have more time to develop an aggressive litigation strategy, which in turn gives us leverage over the insurance company to deliver a fair settlement. In short, we can be more thorough and more effective by investing more time into each case.

We Get to Know Our Clients

Handling fewer cases also allows us to spend more time working directly with our clients. By learning your personal story, we can translate the technical aspects of your injury into human terms that any jury can understand. We work hard to maintain open lines of communication between our attorneys and our clients. If we aren’t able to answer your call immediately, we almost always deliver a full reply within 24 hours.

Clients Show Their Appreciation

Because our clients tend to be satisfied with the service and results they receive at Kiel & Trueax, LLC, they often show their appreciation by referring injured friends and family to us. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury like a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury, you can trust our firm to provide unwavering representation in pursuit of the compensation you deserve.

For a free consultation, call  720-256-2438 or contact our offices online. We are ready to help.

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